The shidduch system was hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Logistically, dating became more complicated with new travel restrictions, limited meeting places and fears of catching the virus, r”l.

Yet, Chicago Chesed Fund’s matchmaking division did not let this slow them down. Their shadchanim worked tirelessly with Chicago’s singles to help them meet potential matches despite the restrictions in place. Baruch Hashem, they are seeing the results!

From coaching singles on how to create a resume and how to best present themselves on dates, to helping them navigate relationships, the Simcha Link mentors were there to support Chicago’s singles through every step of the dating process. Simcha Link also helped financially by providing miles to help singles fly out for dates, and by covering clothing and makeup expenses to help every woman look and feel her best.

A key element that drove Simcha Link’s effectiveness was their strong relationship with shadchanim and organizations in many different states. Their presence around the country has allowed them to expand their reach and formulate more potential matches, despite the challenges faced during the previous year!

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of the Simcha Link team, they’re now celebrating their 250th Simcha Link Shidduch . . . and counting! May Klal Yisrael celebrate many more simchos together!