This August, one lucky winner will get behind the wheel of a brand-new Tesla Model S, Y, X, 3, Cybertruck, or drive away with an electrifying $50,000 alternative cash prize!

Drive the Dream, our Ninth Annual Tesla Raffle Campaign, will not just supercharge the winning ticket holder, but put the pedal to the metal to benefit Chicago Chesed Fund’s 80+ programs and services, including the food pantry, job search assistance, therapeutic services support, government program navigation, fertility treatment funding, and more.

For over 30 years, Chicago Chesed Fund has dedicated itself to community service, providing Chicago’s Jewish families with accessible resources and basic living assistance. Chesed, by definition, is not just charity – it’s caring. It’s not just the giving of money or food, but a fundamental understanding of the kinds of problems faced by our neighbors, obvious or not. Chesed is proactive, an imperative to do what lies in our power to ease another’s struggle. This loving-kindness is the hallmark of Chicago Chesed Fund and all who sustain its life-affirming work.

Participating in the Tesla raffle will go far in easing hunger and heartache, providing help and healing for a multitude of needs. Dayan Shmuel Fuerst Shlita, our founder and posek, maintains that ma’aser money may be used to purchase raffle tickets.

The grand drawing will be held on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Tickets are limited to 9,999 sold. To purchase your tickets, visit today or call 847-679-7799 x 170.

Get ready to Drive the Dream! Enter the Tesla raffle and help Chicago Chesed Fund continue driving dreams and lifting hearts in our Chicago community.

Our Tesla Winners’ Circle:

Levi Israel, Chicago, IL – 2022
David Schreiber, Evanston, IL – 2021
Mitch Zolty, Toronto, ON – 2020
David Haziza, Brooklyn, NY – 2019
David Hartman, Lincolnwood, IL – 2018
Waygee Ho, Queens, NY – 2017
Avromi Russell, Jerusalem, Israel – 2016
Elan Magence, Chicago, IL – 2015