Prepping for Pesach

Well before the annual whirlwinds of Pesach approach, Chicago Chesed Fund prepares for a holiday filled with giving and joy.

Chicago Chesed Fund helps ease the burden of our community members in need, sensitively and discreetly. This Pesach, the Chicago Chesed Fund will provide hundreds of families with everything they need to proudly celebrate the holiday, including food, clothing, and financial assistance – all at no cost.

This Year’s Impact

600 families received free food 

2,360 lbs. of Apples

5,600 Bottles of Grape Juice

8,600 lbs. of Potatoes

1,850 lbs. of Carrots

6, 812 lbs. of Matzah

21,178 lbs. of Poultry

40 lbs. of Celery

20,087 lbs. of Meat

1,8000 lbs. of Sweet Potatoes

450 lbs. of Cucumbers

1,920 lbs. of Oranges

725 lbs. of Tomatoes

4,269 Dozen Eggs

4,700 lbs. of Onions

4,722 Bottles of Wine

2,160 Loaves of Gefilte Fish

450 lbs. of Peppers

420 lbs. of Zucchini

51 Families Shopped for clothing


people picked out jewelry


people received new robes


people received new suits

We ask that you open your hearts during this auspicious time and to please make every effort to give whatever you can. Together with your generous support, we can help hundreds of families celebrate Pesach with dignity.

This year let’s give them a reason to smile.

With Your Help…

I would like to thank you very much for the Pesach robe, food order, and extra food aisle “shopping” that we received. It is a big financial relief and we really appreciate all the services that we receive from the Chicago Chesed Fund.


My husband and I wanted to express our tremendous Hakaras Hatov for the above and beyond assistance from the Chicago Chesed Fund. It was a particularly financially stressful year and everything you provided for Pesach added more menuchas hanefesh. We are awed by what you do and all the help you provide. We daven for the day when we can be on the giving end.


The items were truly so supportive and therefore Pesach made much less of a financial dent then it could have! It is not only the physical support that is appreciated – the service is provided in such a dignified way and so efficiently. And the following week the choice of prepackaged/dry goods was so helpful too! In fact, when the attendant heard that our haggaddos had been ruined in a recent sewage flood – she helped me to pick up a few used haggaddos from the bookshelves too, BH!


The gemach has increased the stability and joy in my kids and my life. We feel it’s been a very blessed Passover, enhanced greatly by Chicago Chesed Fund. Thanks for sharing your gifts with my family.


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