Nearly 50% of adults will face some type of mental health issue in their lifetime. However, struggling with your mental health can still seem like a lonely battle. What kind of therapy is the best for me or my child? Are there support groups that can help? How do I get insurance to cover our expenses? Navigating the details can seem like a daunting prospect.

This year more than ever, many more people are experiencing adverse psychological effects from the COVID pandemic, and the quarantine period, and the resulting effects. With the proper resources, you and your family can begin to heal.

At Bright Futures Chicago, the goal is to be there for the Chicago Jewish community affected by mental health and habilitative issues or disabilities. Our strong dedication towards our community propels us assist in attaining the best resources available, including a range of evaluation and/or treatment options.

Bright Futures lightens the burdens of community members affected by mental health and habilitative issues by being a haven of support. We help make access to care easier by providing numerous types of resources, eliminating hours of stressful research. The Bright Futures program provides referrals suited to individual insurance coverage, assistance with insurance requirements, as well as assistance in finding financial aid and providers offering a sliding scale. Even after making the appropriate introductions and referrals, a dedicated Bright Futures staff member is always available for any further questions. 

By providing emotional support, practical resources, and guidance in navigating various treatment/therapy options, Bright Futures Chicago uplifts and protects community members by enabling their emotional and mental needs to be met; ultimately encouraging growth and expression. With Bright Futures Chicago, you’re never alone. 

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